Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it room for my power supply under the pedlaboard?

Yes. There is room under the pedalboard for the power supply. The ALU line has 2.5 inches height and the FLAT line 1 inch.

Is the power supply included?

No. The ALU and ALU+ lines have one or two power outlets underneath for your power supply connection.

What is the difference between FULL and FULL FX model?

You can order the ALU and ALU+ lines in two variants: FULL and FULL FX.

The FULL variant is equiped with D-Jack+Switch and IN/OUT patch bay.
The FULL FX variant is equiped with D-Jack+Switch and IN/OUT/SEND/RETURN patch bay for your loop pedals.

What is the difference between ALU and ALU+ line?

The ALU line has a 5.88 inches lower level and a 6.66 inches upper level. The ALU+ line has two 7.84 inches levels.

Does the softbag is included?

Yes! Every pedalboard comes with a softbag.

Do you ship outside USA?

Yes! If you want to order from outside the USA, please contact us in order to quote the shipping.

May I have my pedalboard in a different color?

Yes. Please contact us before ordering, to check the stock of the color you want.

Do you buid custom pedalboard?

Hell yeah! Just contact us telling what kind of custom pedalboard you want!